Private: European Mobility Grants


As outlined in the call for grants, the grants will be resolved and notified during july. We communicate that the provision or not of grants will be sent to the candidates who had chosen the modality A: They have presented an agreement with a host company. The notification will be made EXCLUSIVELY via email. Calls and written enquiries shall not be processed. 


Number of grants

Through the 2013-2014 solicitation a number of 250 grants are to be provided:

A minimum of 100 grants for graduates of the university of Valencia that fulfill the requirements, and

A maximum of 150 grants for graduates of any other spanish university that fulfill the requirements.


Each grant has a duration of 26 weeks, working full-time, according to the working day of the host company in the country of destination.

Application and Deadlines

The deadline to request a Leonardo da Vinci ADEIT grant, will be, in the first call, from the 02/05/2013 to the 01/07/2013, both included.

During this period, the applicants that fulfill the requirements have to register online, and in case of having a possible host company, also to present the complete documentation as noted in the paragraph SELECTION OF APPLICANTS on this web.

The required documents have to be forwarded for its evaluation to

The internships requested in this first period can start between the 16/09/2013 and the 31/01/2014.

If in this first period the 250 grants available were not exhausted, a second period will be opened. This one will start in october 2013 for internships starting february 2014.

Objectives of the grants

These grants offer to young university students: 

  • A 26 weeks long professional experience in a european country according to his titling.
  • Qualifications and professional complementing the training acquired in the university.
  • Better opportunities for accessing the world of work
  • Improving the linguistic knowledge.
  • Knowledge of other sociocultural realities.