Private: European Mobility Grants

The candidates who had been selected for obtaining the grant will get the the concession in written form, as also the information about the administrative procedure they have to follow:

1.- Presentation of the duly signed Leonardo da Vinci ADEIT acceptance document containing the complete bank account details, where the payment of the grant has to be made.

2.- Original acceptance letter of the company, signed and stamped.

3.- In case of being graduated at the University of Valencia, the name of the university mentor and his department will be required. The mentor needs to be a university lecturer, closely connected to the area in which the intern is going to work. Like that, he will be able of helping the intern during his internship and of evaluating the internship once the intern presents his final report.

4.- Registration and access to a specific web created as information medium and permanent communication channel between the interns and also between The interns and ADEIT’s grants management team.

As a general rule, the unjustified rejection of a grant can lead in the exclusion of the program.