Traineeships in enterprises

Curricular (with academic credits)

The requirements, the calendar, the conditions and the procedure to participate in these practices can be consulted in the paragraph “information and offers depending on the titling”


Extracurricular (without academic credits).

Procedure to participate in the extracurricular internships:

Option A:  Present your internship.

  • Fill in the Student Internship Form.
  • The company you have contact for your internship, has to forward to the “Student Selection Communicate” duly completed.
  • ADEIT will prepare the documents you need for your internship and will tell you when to pick them up

Option B:  Choose your internship .

  • Choose an internship place in “Information and offers depending on the titling“, keeping in mind that you must satisfy the indicated requirements.
  • Fill in your internship request and forward an email to indicating your name, family name, ID card, titling and the number of the chosen place. Please use your university email account.
  • ADEIT will contact you to confirm the chosen place.


• The offered places subject to change for reasons beyond ADEIT’s control.

• You should not contact the company or start your internship until ADEIT tells you to do so.

Distance learning postgraduates internships

Students requirements

  • The students who are registered in any of the distance learning postgraduates can make an internship with the express authorisation of the person responsible for the postgraduate course.
  • The students who have within the third degree of relationship to either the management bodies or the tutors of the company, can not be interns there.
  • The students who have a contractual relationship with the company where they want to be interns, can not be interns there.

Internship procedure

  • The student shall fill in the student internship application form.
  • The host Company-Institution shall fill in the “Student Selection Communicate” attaching the activities program and forward it to
  • In any case the activities program must have received the prior approval of the person responsible for the postgraduate course by the sending of the corresponding authorization.  
  • ADEIT with the prior approval of the postgraduate management, will prepare the internship agreement, send it to the postgraduate management to be signed and stamped and contact the student so the internship can start.