Private: European Mobility Grants
  • Sing a training placement contract, within the framework established by the Ministry of Education in order to legally regulate the trainee’s activity in the company. Besides, this contract reflects the specific contents of the internship.
  • Set up a training programme in the professional area related to the trainee’s university education.
  • Monitor and supervise the trainee’s progress throughout the placement, based on the work programme (cf. previous point).
  • Designate a tutor (member of the company) for this purpose.
  • Collaborate in the monitoring of the progress of the internship which will be carried out by ADEIT, provide the trainee with a certificate of the ork placement and sing the contracts.

Although it is not compulsory, we appreciate if you voluntarily give the trainee complementary aid in cash or in kind. The trainee will receive a maintenance grant depending on the destination country for the period of stay which is required to be of 26 weeks.

The ADEIT Foundation of the University of Valencia will provide an insurance policy for the trainee, covering accidents, civil liability and travel assistance for the duration of the stay.